Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Meeting Advisory for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission

Press Release Date:  Monday, July 19, 2010  
Contact Information:  Dick Brown

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Time: 1:30 PM
Location:   US Dressage Federation
4051 Iron Work Parkway
Lexington, KY
I. Call to order and roll call

II. Approve minutes of June 8, 2010  

III. New Business
a. Approve Amendments to 810 KAR 1:001; 811 KAR 1:005; 811 KAR 2:010.  Definitions.
b. Approve Amendments to 810 KAR 1:011; 811 KAR 1:125; 811 KAR 2:060.  Pari-mutuel wagering.  
c. Approve 810 KAR 1:120; 811 KAR 1:250; 811 KAR 2:160.  Exotic wagering 
d. Approve Roster of Racing Officials for Keeneland Association’s 2010 Fall Meet  
e. Approve Roster of Racing Officials for Kentucky Downs’ 2010 Meet 
f. Ratify Change in Roster of Racing Officials for Ellis Park’s 2010 Summer Meet 
g. Reduction in Race Days for Turfway Park’s Fall 2010 Meet
h. Approve Turfway Park Backside Improvement Project
i. Ratify Elimination of one day of Quarter Horse racing at The Red Mile
j. Announcement of appointments to Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund
k. Announcement of appointments to Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund 

IV. Other Business
a. Report from Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council
b. Report from Chief Steward  
c. Report from Chief Judge  
d. Report from Commission Veterinarian 
E. Administrative Regulations and Litigation Status Report and Priority Schedule 

VI.       Adjournment