Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Post-race test results confirm no medication violations in Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby horses

Press Release Date:  Monday, May 11, 2009  
Contact Information:  Dick Brown 502-564-5525  

FRANKFORT, KY – (May 11, 2009) – The testing associated with the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby has been completed by the University of Florida Racing Laboratory and results confirm there were no medication violations.

The top four finishers in each race were sampled.  All samples were tested to Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association North American Graded Stakes Committee specifications, commonly referred to as a 'super-test.' The contract between the KHRC and the University of Florida Racing Laboratory requires super-testing to be performed on all Kentucky post-race samples and is not limited to graded stakes participants.

The contents of syringes used to administer approved race day anti-bleeder medications were also analyzed and determined to be free of violations. 

“I am very pleased by the results, which give a clear indication that Kentucky’s intensified efforts to make certain those associated with thoroughbred racing are doing the right things is having an impact,” said Lisa Underwood, executive director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC). “The results also say to a watching world that the safety of horses and riders as well as the integrity of the sport is upper-most in our minds.”

Since the 2008 Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby, the KHRC has instituted a number of safety initiatives that ban the use of anabolic steroids, toe grabs and the type of riding crops allowed.