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Horse Barn Fires at Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Ruled Arson

Press Release Date:  Thursday, September 03, 2009  
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           The Kentucky Division of Fire Prevention, Office of the State Fire Marshal, along with Louisville Metro arson investigators and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has ruled that fires set earlier this week at the horse barns located at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville were deliberately set.

            Four barns were destroyed and several others damaged in a fire that was reported at around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. A small fire set Monday in an adjacent barn area was not reported to officials until the investigation into the larger fire was underway.

            The agencies made the conclusion that the fires were deliberately set after three days of investigations at the scene which included the use of dogs that are trained to alert to accelerants that may have been used to start the fires. The dogs were brought in by ATF.

            Officials are continuing their investigation and are seeking the public’s help in finding the person or persons responsible for setting the fires. If anyone has information they can call the arson hotline at 1-800-27-ARSON (272-7766).