Department of Public Protection
Energy Efficiency Task Force Issues Recommendations

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, March 27, 2007  
Contact Information:  Jim Carroll, 502-564-7760, ext. 239  

      An energy efficiency task force organized by the Department of Public Protection  has completed its work and issued a report outlining several recommendations.


            The Task Force on Energy Efficient Housing and Construction was formed in June 2006 and staffed by the department[ . The task force completed its report recently and has presented it to  Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Office of Energy Policy.


            “We’re proud of the work of the task force,” said Tim LeDonne, department commissioner. “We believe its recommendations have the potential  to enhance Governor Fletcher’s ongoing efforts to reduce Kentucky’s energy dependency .”


            The report contains three key recommendations:

  • State government should continue to improve the energy efficiency of state buildings.
  • Energy efficiency should be promoted in the construction of new homes and other buildings.
  • Incentives should be created to encourage property owners to improve the efficiency of existing homes and other buildings.

            The report outlines several strategies for achieving those goals. They include making energy efficiency a key design feature for building and renovating state buildings, providing a means of inspecting new home construction in areas of Kentucky where no local inspectors operate, adopting the 2006 International Residential Building Code’s energy standards, providing a tax credit for construction of ENERGY STAR homes, and increasing weatherization efforts across Kentucky.


            The report concludes: “Efforts to improve energy efficiency and conservation must be an essential and central element of any sound, comprehensive, multi-faceted energy policy.


            The task force believes that improving the energy efficiency of housing and other buildings has the potential to make a significant contribution to the overall goal of an energy policy that maintains and improves the health of Kentucky’s economy, its environment and its people.”

            Commissioner LeDonne thanked task force members for their work.


            “We deeply appreciate the unselfish dedication of the task force members in producing this thought-provoking report,” he said.


            Serving on the task force, in addition to state managers, were:  James Dontje, Berea College; Robert Fehr, University of Kentucky Extension Service; Greg Fergason, Louisville Gas & Electric;  Wallace McMullen, Kentucky Resources Council; Bob Hazelrigg and Jeff Steele, Delta Natural Gas; Ronald Herd, city of Corbin; Mark Isaacs, of Legacy Homes, Louisville; Mike Kegley, of B.O.L.D. Homes, Florence; Andy McDonald, of Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest; Park Rommel, A&G Engineering, Owensboro; architect Gary Watrous, of Watrous & Associates, Louisville; Bob Weis, Home Builders Association of Kentucky; and Geoff Young, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.