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Campus Safety Task Force Presents Report to Governor

Press Release Date:  Friday, September 07, 2007  
Contact Information:  Jim Carroll, 502-564-7760, ext. 234  

     The Governor’s Task Force on Campus Safety, appointed by Governor Ernie Fletcher in late 2006, has released a report with its recommendations for enhancing safety at Kentucky’s colleges and universities.


     The 15-member task force began its work in January 2007. Over the past eight months, the task force has focused on college and university compliance with building and fire codes and law enforcement.


    The panel was chaired by Gail Minger, a nationally recognized campus safety advocate whose son, Michael, died in a dormitory fire in Kentucky in 1998. Also on the panel were members representing campus security, fire safety, colleges and universities, parents and students.


    The task force met several times and held public hearings on university campuses throughout Kentucky.


     “I want to thank the task force for its outstanding work,” said Governor Ernie Fletcher. “I look forward to closely reviewing its recommendations. I am committed to ensuring that our college campuses provide the safest possible environment for learning.”


     "We had the opportunity to look at the areas of concern that have emerged the past several years," said Gail Minger, chair. "The most important recommendation may be the formation of the proposed Center for Campus Safety. It would serve as a clearinghouse for information, to help with best practices and to assist all universities."


     The center would solicit grants and other funding sources for fire and safety programs and would review and refine campus safety policies.


      In its 24-page report, the task force also recommends that colleges assess security at campus entry points and develop well-communicated contingency plans for events such as lockdowns and evacuations. The panel suggests that universities adopt a model policy that spells out responsibilities for fire fighting and fire prevention.


    The task force calls on colleges and universities to enhance campus security through steps such as improving lighting, installing door alarms, and establishing closed circuit monitoring at various points on campuses. The report also recommends that schools examine and strengthen drug and alcohol awareness and enforcement programs.


    The report is available at this Web address: