Office of Energy Policy
Alvaton Elementary will be an Energy Efficient School

Press Release Date:  Thursday, July 07, 2005  
Contact Information:  Lola Lyle
(800) 282-0868

Frankfort, KY, (July 7, 2005) – On June 24, Warren County Schools held an introduction of the construction practices of its new Alvaton Elementary School.  The new Alvaton Elementary, which will be able to accommodate 750 students, is being built on the same campus as the old school that will be torn down once the new building is finished.

The school, designed by Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects, showcases an innovative construction technique that makes the building more efficient and cost-effective.  NUDURA Corporation and its regional distributor, HOLDFAST Technologies, are supplying the Warren County school system with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for its walls, which offer much better the insulating value than traditional concrete block walls.

The roof is being built with a sandwich panel metal roof system that achieves an R-30 insulation value, which also offers much better insulating value than traditional construction.  In addition, the school has a geothermal heat pump system, as well as lighting and HVAC occupancy sensors that are designed to reduce energy consumption.  These construction techniques are a perfect fit for a school system that already has an energy-savings program in place.

Lexington-based D.W. Wilburn Construction Company’s is building the new 80,000 sq ft school for approximately $11.5 million.  Construction has begun and the new school is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2006.

Governor Fletcher’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy encourages schools to give preference to energy-efficient products and practices.  For more information about the Comprehensive Energy Strategy or energy-efficient schools, visit