Office of Energy Policy
Ethanol and Biodiesel are the Focus of an LRC Subcommittee on Energy Meeting

Press Release Date:  Friday, August 12, 2005  
Contact Information:  Lola Lyle
(800) 282-0868

Frankfort, KY, (Aug. 12, 2005) – On Aug. 12, John Davies, Director of the Division of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy (KOEP) testified at the Legislative Research Commission’s Special Subcommittee on Energy meeting.  Other speakers included Melissa Howell, Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Coalition, Dr. Czarena Crofcheck, Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky, Rick Geise, Director of Marketing for Griffin Industries and Mick Henderson, General Manager of Commonwealth Agri-Energy.  The speakers at the meeting discussed the use of biodiesel and ethanol in Kentucky.

Ms. Howell discussed new developments relating to clean fuels in Kentucky, including Toyota’s announcement that it will build hybrid Camry’s in Georgetown starting in 2006, the purchase of 18 hybrid vehicles by the Commonwealth, and the installation of an idle reduction system at the Pilot Truck Stop in Christian County.  She also highlighted developments in Kentucky’s biofuels industry over the past year.

Mr. Davies testimony focused on the impacts of recent political developments, such as the Governor’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy, Kentucky’s Biodiesel Production Tax Credit and the Federal JOBS Act and Energy Bill, on Kentucky’s clean fuels markets.  For instance, the new Federal Energy Bill includes strong biofuels tax provisions that will enhance the production and use of ethanol and biodiesel, as well as ensure a continued role for small, farmer-owned biofuels production facilities.  The Energy Bill also requires the use of 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol annually in gasoline by the year 2012.  As a result, America’s dependence on imported oil will be reduced from an estimated 67.4 percent to 62.6 percent by 2012.

Mr. Geise and Mr. Henderson spoke to the subcommittee about the opportunities for growth in the biofuels industry that will benefit both Kentucky and the nation.

Dr. Crofcheck’s testimony included information about the Kentucky Biofuels Virtual Tours.  The Kentucky Biodiesel Journey is a virtual tour through the creation and use of biodiesel in the state.  It can be viewed at  The Ethanol Journey is still under production.  These tours were created primarily to educate high school students about clean fuels in the Commonwealth.

Governor Fletcher’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy urges the creation of policies that promote the production, consumption and availability of biodiesel and ethanol in Kentucky.  For more information about the Comprehensive Energy Strategy or renewable fuels, visit