Education and Workforce Development Cabinet
State ready to accept claims for latest unemployment extension

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, December 02, 2009  
Contact Information:  Lanny Brannock

Cathy Lindsey

FRANKFORT, Ky.  – Kentucky is now accepting claims for the latest Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) extension. Earlier this year, Gov. Steve Beshear pushed Congress for this relief, and President Obama signed the extension into law on Nov. 6. It potentially provides up to 14 additional weeks of federally funded compensation to Kentucky’s unemployed workers who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state benefits and all federally funded benefits provided through the emergency extensions.

“This latest extension has the potential of assisting more than 32,000 Kentuckians who are struggling to provide for their families,” said Gov. Beshear. “This additional compensation will help them endure these challenging times as we all work together to put Kentuckians back to work.”

Eligible claimants may now file online at and should start receiving checks for these benefits within two weeks.

The nearly 10,000 Kentuckians who have already exhausted all 79 weeks of UI benefits may be eligible for payments retroactive to Nov. 8, 2009. A link will be made available within the online claims application by the end of this week to allow requests of eligible weeks retroactive to that time. Claimants should wait two business days after filing to request payments for prior weeks on the Web site.

Those who are currently drawing benefits that will exhaust on or prior to Dec. 26, 2009 will automatically be enrolled in this extension.

The Office of Employment and Training, an agency of Kentucky’s Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, is in the process of identifying and notifying by mail all individuals who are potentially eligible, including those who may be retroactively eligible, for the emergency benefits. The notifications include further information on how to apply and the requirements of these benefits. Details are also available at