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Press Release Date:  Wednesday, April 02, 2008  
Contact Information:  Contact: Ronda Sloan
502-330-1804 (cell)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 2, 2008) – An Anderson County woman received a call earlier this week with an offer “too good to be true,” and her quick thinking may have averted financial disaster.

The caller, who said his name was Patrick, offered to help her save money on a health insurance plan. Later in the call, he said she could receive the coverage at no cost. All he needed was her financial information. When she asked why he needed her bank routing number for a free service, the caller became angry and hung up. The woman called the Kentucky Office of Insurance (KOI) to report the matter.

According to the consumer, Patrick said he represented MedExtra. An investigator from KOI contacted MedExtra, a Canadian company specializing in assisting members with various medical services, including personalized care plans, remote second opinions and discount pricing. A company representative said MedExtra does not have an employee named Patrick and does not market in the United States.

“We urge consumers to be cautious about giving out financial information, particularly when they did not initiate the call,” said John Burkholder, KOI acting executive director. “Being a savvy consumer may have saved this woman from a serious financial loss.”

Consumers who receive similar calls may call KOI at 800-595-6053 and ask to speak to

Scott Moseley in Consumer Protection and Education.

     KOI is an agency of the Department of Public Protection in the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet.