Department of Insurance
Unauthorized Health Insurer Scams Kentuckians

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, June 02, 2010  
Contact Information:  Ronda Sloan
502-330-1804 (cell)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 2, 2010) Approximately 300 Kentuckians may be victims of a group selling bogus health insurance in multiple states without proper authorization.


The group sells and markets under a variety of names including American Trade Association, Smart Data Solutions, Serve America Assurance, Beema-Pakistan Insurance Company, Healthcare America, First American Health, Pinnacle Health Solutions, Executive Healthcare, Mini Healthcare and Omni Healthcare.


Since the entity markets under additional names, consumers should check credit card and bank account records for withdrawals to “ATA-SDS.” These letters usually are followed by a number.


“Before handing over money, credit card or bank account information, we urge consumers to be sure they are dealing with insurers authorized to do business in the Commonwealth,” said Sharon P. Clark, Kentucky insurance commissioner.


Clark added that the victims were paying for what they believed was health insurance when the product was either a health discount or limited benefit plan.


The Department of Insurance (DOI) has obtained a list of Kentuckians affected by the scam and will be contacting them within the next week. Anyone with questions or information should call DOI at 800-595-6053 (toll-free in Kentucky) and ask to speak to someone in Consumer Protection.


In addition, American Trade Association and related entities have been placed in liquidation in Tennessee. Questions regarding the liquidation should be directed to ATA/SDS/SAA in Liquidation, PO Box 282189, Nashville, Tenn. 37228. Liquidators can be reached at 800-591-6764 or by going to