Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office
Kentucky National Guard Relief Effort Continues Across The Commonwealth

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, February 04, 2009  
Contact Information:  David Altom
Public Affairs Officer, Kentucky Department of Military Affairs

As new snowfall hits the state, more than 4,000 Kentucky National Guard troops remain on duty, with nearly 3,700 Army Guard Soldiers and 320 Air Guard members working side-by-side delivering generators, food and water to their fellow Kentuckians.

National Guard troops from Florida, Indiana and West Virginia are here as well, removing debris and running communications sites across western Kentucky.

"This is a huge team effort on the part of everyone involved," said Maj. Gen. Edward W. Tonini, adjutant general for Kentucky. "In many cases our own troops have been hit hard by this disaster, but that hasn't slowed us down. We have everyone on board -- from aviators, military police, special forces, infantry, logistics and dozens of other military professions -- hard at work to bring Kentucky out of the darkness."

"I know that when all this is over, Kentuckians will have a whole new appreciation for their Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen," Tonini added.

There is a continued priority on assisting in the restoration of electric power to water plants, communications facilities, shelters and homes. Troops are currently clearing routes for emergency response vehicles as well as helping utility crews gain access to damaged power transmission lines.

Wellness checks also remain a top priority for Kentucky Guard troops. Guard members have on numerous occasions found local residents in dire circumstances and have rendered aid -- to include providing food and water, and in many cases evacuation to shelters -- as appropriate.

Lack of fuel and blocked roads, along with boiled water alerts have put a strain on households. Kentucky National Guard has responded by delivering 320,000 meals to points of distribution. Another 210,000 meals are in the pipeline. Guard members have also delivered 650,000 bottles of water so far with an additional 300,000 now on the way to distribution points.

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