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State Seal Commonwealth of Kentucky Lt. Governor Stephen B. Pence’s Communications Office
Lt. Governor Steve Pence Announces Taskforce to Strengthen Kentucky Sex Offender Laws
Press Release Date:  April 14, 2005
Contact:  Ryan Watts
(502) 564-2611 Ext. 387

Frankfort, KY:  Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence today announced the formation of the Kentucky Coalition Against Sexual Assaults.  The taskforce is charged with recommending ways to strengthen Kentucky’s sex offender laws and enhanced tracking and notification procedures to reduce the risk that convicted sex offenders strike again.

Lieutenant Governor Pence, who also serves as the Secretary of Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, commented, “One of the main goals of this taskforce will be to recommend an improved system for tracking convicted sex offenders within our state.  I want this taskforce to ensure our communities are benefiting from the most advanced technology available today in this regard.”

Kentucky adopted Megan’s law in 1994.  The law requires all adult felony sex offenders and some juvenile offenders to register with the Kentucky Sexual Offender Registry, even if their convictions are in a state other than Kentucky.

“This registry is a valuable tool that provides citizens with important information about sex offenders within their community, including the most current known address for the individual,” noted Lieutenant Governor Pence.  “Unfortunately, some offenders don’t follow the law in keeping their information on the registry current.  As a result, a sexual offender who has moved into a community or neighborhood but not updated his or her information, can pose an unknown risk to the community.”

A recent case in another state bears out this risk.  In Florida, registered sex offender John Couey recently confessed to the kidnapping, rape and murder of nine-year old Jessica Lunsford.  Couey was not living at the address he had given local law enforcement authorities; rather he was actually residing undetected less than one block away from the Lunsford home. 

There are currently 4,859 registered sex offenders residing in communities throughout Kentucky.  Of these registered offenders, 141 are not in compliance with the law, and thus are under investigation.

To find out if a sex offender is registered as living in your neighborhood or community, visit the Offender Website at, or call the Sex Offender Alert Line toll free at 1-866-564-5652.

Members of the taskforce will be announced in the coming weeks, with invitations to be extended to individuals within the Department of Corrections, the Kentucky State Police, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the State Attorney General’s Office, prosecutors, and victims’ advocacy groups.

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Last updated: Thursday, April 14, 2005