Lt. Governor Stephen B.Pence's Communication Office
Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence delivers Homeland Security Preparedness Funding to Laurel County and City of Corbin

Press Release Date:  Thursday, April 13, 2006  
Contact Information:  (502) 564-2611 Ext. 432

Frankfort, KY:  Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence toured southeastern Kentucky today and presented two communities with homeland security funds to support the efforts of first responders.

 Following a tour of the Northbound I-75 Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement weigh station, Lt. Gov. Pence presented a $78,000 homeland security check to the HAZMAT Region 11 Response Team to purchase hazardous radiation detectors. 

“It is a priority of this administration that our emergency responders have the equipment they need to respond efficiently and effectively,” said Lt. Gov. Pence. “The safety of this region’s citizens rests on first responder’s ability to detect harmful substances early and then take efficient measures to alert the community and contain the dangerous material.”

The grant, which will be managed by the Laurel County Fiscal Court, will enable the regional team to better serve its eight county area, which includes Laurel, Whitley, Jackson, Rockcastle, Bell, Clay, McCreary, and Knox Counties. 

"Local funds for our city and county police, fire and emergency personnel are always in short supply and this is one more opportunity to enhance their response capabilities. I'm delighted to have the Governor and our General Assembly be a part of making the work of our first responders more efficient and effective," said Senator Tom Jensen (R-London).

"I am thrilled to see this money come into our community," State Representative Marie Rader (R-McKee) said. "So many vehicles travel through this area each day that the purchase of these radiation detectors will help our first responders be prepared in case of emergency."

 Lt. Gov. Pence also presented the City of Corbin with $91,340.00 to purchase two portable radiation detectors.  The detectors will enable local first responders to increase their response capabilities in events involving chemicals and other hazardous materials.

 Senator David Williams (R-Burkesville) said, "Communications is critical among first-responders. I know the funds will be put to good use in Corbin."

 "These portable detectors are going to complement the preparation already done by Corbin's law enforcement, fire and emergency personnel," State Representative Charlie Siler (R-Williamsburg) said. "I'm pleased to see the state recognize the efforts our folks have put into being prepared for accidents or other emergencies that involve hazardous materials."

 The equipment, which will be housed by the Corbin Police Department, will serve the entire region.