Lt. Governor Stephen B.Pence's Communication Office
Kentucky House of Representatives sends House Bill 3 to Governor Ernie Fletcher for signature

Press Release Date:  Friday, March 24, 2006  
Contact Information:  Jeanne Lausche
Ryan Watts
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House Bill 3 strengthens Kentucky’s sexual predator laws

Frankfort, KY:  Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence praised the Kentucky House of Representatives today for concurring on House Bill 3 after the Senate unanimously voted in favor of this legislation.  The bill will now be sent to Governor Fletcher for his signature.

“I appreciate the prompt work of the House of Representatives and especially Representative Joni Jenkins for pushing this legislation through concurrence,” said Lieutenant Governor Pence.  “HB 3 will pave the way to opening the records of violent and dangerous juvenile offenders to the public and law enforcement. This will help the public to have information that we can use to protect ourselves.”

The original draft of HB 3 was based on the recommendations of the Kentucky Coalition Against Sexual Assaults (KCASA).  Lieutenant Governor Pence spearheaded KCASA one year ago to develop a plan to improve Kentucky’s current sex offender laws.

The provisions in HB 3 include the following:

• Convicted sex offenders must stay 1000 feet from the furthest point of the of the property line of schools, public pools, and daycare centers.

• Possession of child pornography will be moved from a misdemeanor crime to a felony.

• A jury will have the opportunity to sentence a repeat sex offender to a lifetime in prison without the possibility of parole for a minimum of 25 years. 

• Public schools and universities will have the authority to require contractors to have criminal background checks.

• Felony juvenile convictions and those involving deadly weapons will be open to the public. 

• Law enforcement will be allowed to review all juvenile court files, regardless of conviction.

"We are grateful for the Lieutenant Governor's efforts, and we commend the General Assembly for their diligence in protecting Kentucky's children," said Governor Ernie Fletcher.

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