Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communications Office
‘Safety First’ is Governor Fletcher's Message to Northern Kentucky

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, September 05, 2007  
Contact Information:  Jodi Whitaker

David Devers

Governor announces actions to address safe driving issue

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher today brought his message about highway safety to northern Kentucky, presenting a dozen police and sheriff’s departments with funds to help curb speeding and impaired driving.

During the event at Conner Middle School, in Hebron, the Governor also announced funding for sidewalks to enable students to walk or ride bicycles to school without having to venture into traffic. And he showcased Kentucky’s first SAFE Patrol trucks.

“Safety on Kentucky’s roadways has always been one of my highest priorities,” said Governor Fletcher. “Equally important are the health and safety of our school children and the support of our law enforcement. We are here today to underscore our commitment to those priorities.”

Governor Fletcher presented $264,245 in grants to a dozen northern Kentucky law enforcement agencies. The grants are federally funded but administered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC):

  • Boone County Sheriff’s Department – $25,000 for speed enforcement.
  • Florence Police Department – $10,000 for impaired driving programs.
  • Alexandria Police Department – $27,000, impaired driving.
  • Cold Spring Police Department – $10,100, impaired driving.
  • Highland Heights Police Department – $21,000, speed enforcement.
  • Covington Police Department – $50,000, impaired driving.
  • Erlanger Police Department – $29,145, speed enforcement.
  • Fort Wright Police Department – $7,000, speed enforcement.
  • Independence Police Department – $27,000, speed enforcement.
  • Kenton County Police Department – $31,000, impaired driving.
  • Ludlow Police Department – $12,000, speed enforcement.
  • Park Hills Police Department – $15,000, speed enforcement.

“Fostering strong partnerships is the best approach to saving lives here in northern Kentucky and all across the commonwealth,” added Governor Fletcher. “We are constantly looking for ways to provide local law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to save lives on our highways.”

“We are grateful for the leadership that Governor Fletcher has shown in working with our northern Kentucky elected officials to support law enforcement and increased highway safety,” said Sen. Katie Stine (R-Southgate).

Governor Fletcher also rolled out the new trucks of the SAFE Patrol (Safety Assistance for Freeway Emergencies), which KYTC launched in October 2004. At first, six vans patrolled a limited area of heavily traveled interstate highways. SAFE Patrol operators now cover all Kentucky interstates and parkways, providing free assistance to stranded or injured travelers.

“This service will provide additional peace of mind to all who travel I-71/75 and I-275 each day. It’s comforting to know that skilled professionals are there to help in any situation,” Governor Fletcher said.

The Governor also announced $329,000 in Safe Routes to School Funding for Crescent Springs and Boone County. The St. Joseph School Sidewalk Project in Crescent Springs will serve some 500 students who live within two miles of St. Joseph School. The Conner Campus Sidewalk Project in Boone County will serve more than 1,300 students who live within two miles of four schools: Goodridge Elementary, Conner Middle School, Conner High School and the Boone County Area Technical Center.

“Safe Routes to School projects are precisely the kinds of programs First Lady Glenna Fletcher and I have championed as we have pursued our Get Healthy Kentucky campaign,” Governor Fletcher said. “Walking or biking to school helps in the fight against childhood obesity. There also are the benefits of reduced traffic, improved air quality and lower fuel consumption.”

“Projects like these truly go the extra mile toward improving the lives of our children, one step at a time,” said Rep. Addia Wuchner (R-Florence). “While creating routes for children to safely walk and ride their bicycles to school we are also connecting neighborhoods to other neighborhoods. In addition there is the bonus of   promoting lifelong habits of regular physical activity. I applaud Governor Fletcher and the Transportation Cabinet for their comprehensive approach and for selecting Crestview Hills and Boone County for Safe Routes funding.”

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