Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communications Office
Governor Fletcher Announces More Than $7 Million in Funding for Boyle County Projects

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, April 25, 2007  
Contact Information:  Jodi Whitaker

Ryan Watts

Funding includes school safety improvements, resurfacing projects, officer body armor

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher presented more than $7 million in funding for several community and highway infrastructure projects today at the Boyle County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  The ceremonial check presentations included funding for highway infrastructure improvements, school safety enhancements and officer body armor for the Perryville Police Department.

The centerpiece of today’s announcement marked $6.6 million for the extension of KY 2168 from KY 33 to KY 34 in Boyle County just northeast of Danville.  The project will relieve congestion in downtown Danville, particularly at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and KY 33 while providing an alternate route for emergency services. 

In addition, the investment will provide an east-west link on the northern side of Danville that will support growth and economic development occurring in both Danville and Boyle County. The project is expected to begin in the summer of 2008 with construction lasting from 18 to 24 months. 

“This investment will help keep our communities connected and residents safe through a modern highway network,” said Governor Fletcher.  “These projects are examples of my promise to work collaboratively with local officials to build stronger communities across our great state.”

Governor Fletcher presented the city of Danville with a $200,000 check to fund a Safe Routes to School project that affects several local area schools including Toliver Elementary, Woodlawn Elementary, Boyle County Middle School and Boyle County High School. 

“Children are our greatest asset and brightest hope for the future.  Our most important duty is to provide for their health and safety,” said Governor Fletcher.  “Funding for this project will provide a much safer and more direct route for the students on their way to class.  My administration will champion every opportunity to enhance safe, alternative transportation methods that improve the health and welfare of our younger generation.” 

Currently, pedestrians and students must cross a bridge that spans a cluster of railroad tracks.  The sidewalks are narrow and rough, and the surrounding roads, with dilapidated curbs and gutters, make travel difficult.  These conditions make bicycling impossible, and the sidewalks do not encourage walking.

The money will be used to construct sidewalks that will provide students a safe, direct multi-modal access to the school.  The improvements of the sidewalks and the widening of the roads will enable students to travel more safely across the large cluster of railroad tracks.  The grant will also be used to construct a bicycle storage and safety building at the school.  This construction will improve the ability of students to walk and bicycle to school.  The Transportation Cabinet anticipates the project’s completion by late fall 2007.

“We have an obligation to our children to provide safe bicycle and walking paths to school,” said Sen. Tom Buford (R-Nicholasville).  “Today’s funding will help with this important endeavor.”

Governor Fletcher also presented local officials with a ceremonial check totaling $288,142 for additional highway development projects in Danville.  The funding will be used to repave approximately 5.17 miles of Forkland Road (KY 37) from KY 243 extending easterly to Rolling Fork bridge. The funding will also repave Park Road in the Perryville Battlefield State Historic site from KY 1920 extending west for approximately .62 miles to a cul-de-sac at park office.

“We must improve the mobility of our highways and provide safer routes to our schools,” said Rep. Mike Harmon (R-Junction City).  “I applaud Governor Fletcher’s efforts to help correct these problems in our community.”

“Governor Fletcher’s leadership is providing safer roads, improved infrastructure for schools and local governments, and a solid economic future for our great commonwealth,” said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert.  “It is critical that the state be responsive to the needs of cities and counties all across the commonwealth in order to ensure local infrastructure will help bring economic prosperity and job opportunities to Kentucky.”

Perryville Police Department receives vital life-saving equipment for officers

Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) today announced a grant from the Kentucky Body Armor Program to the Perryville Police Department in Boyle County. The grant will be used to purchase protective equipment for officers.

“Police officers have extremely difficult and dangerous jobs,” said Governor Fletcher. “One of the highest priorities of this administration is to make sure our officers have excellent equipment and have the highest level of personal protection possible while they are serving and protecting our local communities.”

The Perryville Police Department received funding for the purchase of two service vests, two service weapons and ammunition representing a total investment of $1,652.

The Kentucky Body Armor Program allows law enforcement agencies to acquire body armor, weapons and ammunition for sworn officers.  The program, a collaborative effort by GOLD, the Kentucky State Police and the Division of Surplus Equipment, is funded through the sale of firearms that have been confiscated by state and local law enforcement agencies. 

Applications for the Kentucky Body Armor Program are available through GOLD and are accepted on a continual basis.  Projects are selected for funding three or four times a year based on need and the availability of funds. 

Since its establishment in 1998, the program has approved 4,173 officer vests and 35 service animal vests. This represents a $1,588,456 investment in the safety of local law enforcement across the Commonwealth. In addition, approximately $211,000 has been provided to the Kentucky State Police for the purchase of new equipment.