Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communications Office
Governor Ernie Fletcher Presents $4.6 Million in Funding for Carter County Community Projects

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, October 24, 2006  
Contact Information:  Jodi Whitaker

Samantha Cook

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) visited Olive Hill today to present ceremonial checks for several grants and budget line-items to Carter County officials. Funding will be used for a variety of projects, improved water service in the area and construction of a new police and fire administration building.

“Meeting the infrastructure needs of our Kentucky counties is crucial as my administration works to build strong communities across Kentucky,” said Governor Fletcher. “This funding will help in meeting those needs and will touch the lives of many Carter County citizens.”

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Funds

Carter County received $3.8 million in Infrastructure for Economic Development (IEDF) line-items. A listing of projects is as follows:




City of Grayson


Police and Fire Administration Building Construction

Grayson Water District


Waterline Extension

Olive Hill Water District


Construction of a new 200,000 gallon water tank at Biggs Hill to serve the Carter Caves State Park area and to increase water pressure in eastern Olive Hill. Funds will also be used to build an eight-mile interconnect with the Grayson Utility Commission; rehabilitate some older lines east of Olive Hill install radio-read meters; and build a new clarifier at the water treatment plant. Project will improve services to approximately 500 households; Replacement of clay pipe in the existing sewer system to stop inflow and infiltration problems and extension of new line service to 20 unserved households while improving service to 20 underserved households in the Henderson Branch/College Hill area; Addition of a new raw water intake on the Little Sandy River and improvement of approximately six miles of waterline that will enhance service to more than 3,500 customers in the Biggs Hill/Grayson area.

Rattlesnake Ridge Water District


Phase VIII expansion of the water treatment plant from 1.608 million gallons per day (MGD) to 3.1 MGD; upgrade two water booster pump stations; add one booster station; construct one 300,000 gallon elevated water storage tank and one 100,000 elevated water storage tank; and add approximately 56 miles of new waterlines to serve approximately 400 unserved households in Carter, Elliott and Lawrence counties.

Grayson Utility Commission


Sewer improvements in Grayson and extension of service to 75 unserved households and improved service for 4,000 underserved households; Extension of waterlines to Stinson Branch and Zornes Branch. The Stinson Branch portion will consist of the addition of approximately 2.7 miles of PVC waterline to provide new service for 110 unserved households. The Zornes Branch portion will consist of the addition of approximately two miles of PVC waterline to provide new service for 18 unserved households.

City of Grayson


Installation of new sewer collection lines in an unserved area of 45 homes in the Grayson Damron Mayo Subdivision

“These infrastructure projects will have a profound effect on not only the people of Carter County, but the industry sector as well,” said Sen. Charlie Borders (R-Grayson). “It is vital to the development of Carter County that these infrastructure projects move forward.”

HB 380 Community Development Line-Items

Carter County received $650,000 in HB 380 Community Development Line-Items. A listing of projects is as follows:




City of Olive Hill


Construction and renovation of a community center in the historic Olive Hill High School and a new senior citizens center in downtown Olive Hill.

Carter County Fiscal Court


Hitchins Community Center and Fire Department construction. 

City of Olive Hill


Construction and renovation of the historic Olive Hill High School including restrooms, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical work, demolition and architectural fees.

City of Olive Hill


Revitalization of the interior of an historic caboose that sits in the Hop Brown Memorial Park.  Funds will also be used for park improvements including landscaping, walkways, lighting, benches, picnic tables, trash cans and a shelter.

Renaissance on Main Funds

Governor Fletcher also presented a ceremonial check in the amount of $150,000 to the city of Olive Hill for a Renaissance on Main grant.

Renaissance on Main funds will be used to complete a streetscape project that consists of six blocks concentrated in the Main Street area: Tom T. Hall Blvd., Railroad Street, Scott Street and Cross Street. Improvements include lighting, banners, historical street signs, benches, trash receptacles, planter boxes, landscaping and bicycle racks.

Renaissance on Main, formerly Renaissance Kentucky, is a downtown revitalization effort that provides funding for communities to restore and maintain their downtown areas. The program is focused on economic development and job creation.

Renaissance on Main partners include the Kentucky Heritage Council/Main Street Program, the Kentucky Department of Tourism, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, the Kentucky Housing Corporation, the Kentucky League of Cities and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The program is administered by GOLD.

Representative Robin Webb (D-Grayson) said, “There are many valuable projects that will be beneficial to the community. I am pleased to see these funds go back to Carter County.”