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Kentucky-Grown Technologies on Display at BIO 2006

Press Release Date:  Friday, April 07, 2006  
Contact Information:  Brett Hall
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Biotechnology Convention will take place April 9-12 in Chicago

FRANKFORT, Ky. – A high-tech “headset” used for early detection of neurological disorders and a method of repairing severed nerves using adult stem cells taken from a patient's own nose are just two of the promising new technologies developed in Kentucky that will be on display in Chicago, April 9-12, at the 14th Annual BIO 2006 International Convention. BIO 2006 is the world's largest biotechnology industry event and more than 18,000 biotech executives, investors, journalists, policymakers and scientists from more than 60 nations are expected to attend.

Kentucky’s activities at BIO 2006 are in support of the recommendations by the Kentucky Bioscience and Life Science Consortium announced last year by Governor Ernie Fletcher. The governor, a strong supporter of Kentucky’s biotech industry, will also participate in a portion of this year’s event by hosting a Kentucky reception for invited biotech companies and organizations from around the world.

“Our vision of Kentucky as a high-tech leader is becoming a reality,” said Governor Fletcher. “Bold new entrepreneurs and established global leaders are succeeding in their chosen areas of biotechnology and are doing so in Kentucky. BIO 2006 is the perfect venue to market Kentucky’s resources and opportunities for bioscience and biotechnology companies to the more than 18,000 attendees, including heads of state, congressional leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and executives of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.”

A total of 11 Kentucky biotechnology companies, the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University – as well as several local economic development organizations – will join the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to showcase the commonwealth's extensive capabilities and opportunities in bioscience and life science.

“Biotech is flourishing in Kentucky, and at BIO 2006 we’re going to show the world that we are a major player in the global biotech industry,” said Gene Strong, secretary of the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, which is sponsoring and managing Kentucky's BIO activities. “As a major sponsor at this year’s BIO 2006 convention, the Kentucky Pavilion and Unbridled Spirit logo will be on display alongside other leading biotech states and companies.”

The state's goals at BIO 2006 include attracting life science and biotechnology businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs to Kentucky and bringing in additional venture capital investments. The Kentucky Pavilion will have more than three times the working space of last year's booth, providing more room for discussions and business meetings with BIO 2006 attendees.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development is also inviting seven startup biotech firms from Kentucky to attend BIO 2006 to help represent the commonwealth’s wide range of biotech research and development activities. These seven new companies and four biotech giants – Amgen, Alltech, Martek Biosciences and Genus/PIC – will help staff the state's tradeshow booth to spread the word about the benefits of doing business in Kentucky.

The seven startup companies represented at the Kentucky Pavilion:

  • Neuronetrix has developed a technology using advanced micro-electronics integrated into a patient-friendly headset that can potentially help diagnose neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression, before irreversible damage has occurred.
  • RhinoCyte has developed a method of isolating human adult stem cells from a patient’s own nasal passageways for use in treating spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’ and other nerve disorders. The company has successfully demonstrated the technology in restoring function to the legs of laboratory rats that had spinal cord injuries.
  • Potentia Pharmaceuticals is focused on developing novel therapeutics to remove undesired blood vessels from the diseased macula of patients having age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the industrialized world.  
  • OrthoData Technologies improves orthopedic care through its proprietary sensor implanted during spinal surgery so that surgeons can accurately diagnose fusion during the healing process. 
  • Allylix is focused on developing terpenes, a class of natural chemicals found in plants. These natural chemicals are of significant interest to food, agriculture and pharmaceutical markets as a result of their use as fragrances, flavors, agricultural products and new medicines.
  • Novera Pharmaceuticals conducts research to determine the optimal formulation and delivery schedule for effectively accelerating the healing rates of all types of wounds by helping the human body synthesize increased amounts of specific proteins.
  • ParaTechs seeks to identify genes from insect parasites and pathogens that can be utilized for insect control and development of natural products.
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