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State Seal Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communications Office
Statement From Governor Ernie Fletcher Regarding the KEA Union's Call for a Strike
Press Release Date:  September 18, 2004

Doug Hogan
Jeannie Lausche
Jason Keller


I am very disappointed that the KEA union has called for an illegal strike. Certainly, they have gone too far.  No person, group or union is above the law.  This action is illegal, inappropriate, and sets a dangerous precedent.


The disregard of law always has serious consequences and is highly inappropriate for those who serve as role models for our children in public schools. I urge the union to reconsider.


This action was taken well after midnight following hours upon hours of contentious and chaotic meetings.   JCTA’s president apparently bullied his colleagues into making a rash and ill-advised decision. An illegal strike harms our children, parents, communities and endangers public respect for the teaching profession.


I have always been open to discuss the KEA union’s concerns and any reasonable adjustments they have.  However, it is inappropriate for me to negotiate in response to an illegal threat.  No illegal strike or other organized job action can be justified. I am concerned and compassionate about the impact of health insurance costs on all state employees and teachers, but an illegal strike or work stoppage would be harmful to our children and our Commonwealth.


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