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State Seal Governor Ernie Fletcher
Governor Ernie Fletcher recommends strengthened, enhanced vision for CPE
Press Release Date:  May 19, 2005
Contact:  Carla Blanton
Michael Goins
Jodi Whitaker

FRANKFORT, KY: Governor Ernie Fletcher has met with key leadership at the Council on Postsecondary Education in recent weeks to outline his vision for taking higher education to the next level in Kentucky.
After meeting with CPE Chairman Ron Greenberg, President Tom Layzell and Education Secretary Virginia Fox, Governor Fletcher said he anticipates that the CPE will adopt many of his recommendations beginning at its meeting Sunday.

 Last month, Governor Fletcher urged CPE President Tom Layzell and Ron Greenberg, chairman of the CPE, to encourage the council to focus on improving fiscal oversight and management and other key initiatives, including greater tuition oversight, increased emphasis on the commercialization of research and development, and teacher education.

 "Working together with Education Secretary Virginia Fox, CPE leadership and the university presidents, we have begun to build a foundation for stronger accountability and success at our postsecondary institutions," Governor Fletcher said.
 "We are united about the efforts that must be undertaken to fulfill the obligations outlined in the higher education reforms of House Bill 1,” Governor Fletcher added. “And given the tuition increases of the last few years, it is appropriate for the CPE to become more involved in the oversight of fiscal responsibility and efficiency."
 "While the issue of tuition increases is a national one, Kentucky's citizens have benefited from their postsecondary institutions being more affordable than those in surrounding states," said Education Cabinet Secretary Virginia G. Fox. "I commend Governor Fletcher and the Council for their attention to the issues of affordability and access."
Research and Economic Development
Governor Fletcher has also emphasized the need for universities to convert research into economic development initiatives.
"States like North Carolina have been extremely successful in marketing their universities' research into commercially viable products and services," Governor Fletcher said. "That success has lead to a stronger economy, healthier lives and even more research. It promotes a cycle of success that touches the lives of every citizen."
Governor Fletcher said that he has spoken to the university presidents about his views and he is encouraged by their support.

“The Council’s public agenda and priorities are strongly aligned with the views expressed by the Governor,” stated Dr. Layzell. “The Council and the institutions are looking forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly to increased educational opportunities for all Kentuckians and to strengthen Kentucky’s economy.”


Last updated: Thursday, June 02, 2005