Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communication Office
Governor Fletcher awards $677,359 in energy research and development grants

Press Release Date:  Monday, December 19, 2005  
Contact Information:  Brett Hall
Jodi Whitaker

Chris Gilligan

R&D is Key Component of Governor’s Energy Strategy 

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher announced today that $677,359 in energy research and development grants have been awarded by the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy (KOEP). These awards are a result of a competitive solicitation issued by the KOEP earlier this year. 

“Investing in energy research and development is essential to Kentucky’s energy future,” said Governor Fletcher. “While focusing on the immediate energy issues facing Kentuckians, we must also promote our vision for Kentucky’s energy future.” 

Recipients of the awards are: 

  • Kentucky Geological Survey - Carbon Sequestration research - $169,460 Match Award. The state ‘match’ leveraged $630,000 in federal research resources.
    Kentucky Geological Survey – Development of Western Kentucky Deep Gas Exploration - $46,914 Seed Grant.
  • University of Kentucky’s Center for Aluminum Technology – Advanced Scaleable Clean Aluminum Melting Systems - $198,193 Seed Grant.
  • University of Kentucky’s Center for Applied Energy Research – Ceria based Binary Oxide Catalysts for the Production and Purification of Hydrogen - $98,956 Seed Grant.
  • University of Kentucky’s Biosystems and Ag Engineering - Development of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Improved Biodiesel Production - $128,749 Seed Grant.
  • University of Kentucky’s Plant and Soil Sciences – Directed Evolution of Enzymes for the Conversion of Corn-Fiber for Biofuel Production - $35,087 Seed Grant.

Governor Fletcher issued the state’s first comprehensive energy strategy, Kentucky’s Energy – Opportunities for our Future, in February 2005. It contains 54 recommendations to guide the commonwealth’s policy making as it relates to energy. 

The Energy Research, Development & Demonstration (ERDD) Program was established in 2005. The program is intended to increase energy research performed at Kentucky’s public universities, encourage information exchange between the universities and private industries, and aid the state’s universities in leveraging research funding from federal and private sources.  

In order to fulfill these objectives, the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy provides financial support for energy-related research and development through the University Research Matching Funds and University Research & Development Seed Grants.  In 2005, the General Assembly approved Governor Fletcher’s request for $1.5 million for grants to be awarded to public universities through these programs.   

 “This program not only positions Kentucky to have a strong energy future, but also allows our higher education institutions to aggressively pursue federal energy resources,” Governor Fletcher said. “There is a tremendous return on our investment in terms of bringing federal energy research dollars to the commonwealth.” 

KOEP has committed another $440,000 in matching funds for other federal awards. If these awards are made, it will leverage another $1.6 million in federal resources for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Governor Fletcher’s comprehensive energy strategy can be found at the KOEP’s web site: