Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communication Office
Governor Fletcher awards funding for Green County and the city of Greensburg

Press Release Date:  Monday, December 12, 2005  
Contact Information:  Brett Hall
Jodi Whitaker

Samantha Cook
Jason Keller

Local EMS, Cemetery and Park Receive Funding

Frankfort, KY - Governor Ernie Fletcher, the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) and the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security today announced three grants for Green County and the City of Greensburg.  A Homeland Security grant in the amount of $30,000 was presented to the City of Greensburg. Additionally, Green County received a Recreational Trails grant in the amount of $13,325 for Wyatt Jeffries Woods of Green County and a $12,500 Cemetery Preservation grant for the Bethlehem Cemetery in Greensburg.  

“My administration is committed to providing communities with the necessary funding to meet the needs of its citizens,” said Governor Fletcher. “From making an area safer to preserving history, these projects are important to Green County.” 

The Homeland Security funding will provide medical equipment to assist local EMS with their life-saving efforts. Equipment to will be purchased with the grant includes a defibrillator and a ventilator.  

Senator Richie Sanders, Jr. said, “EMS workers are usually the first on the scene.  I know that this needed medical equipment will help make the citizens of Green County safer.” 

Recreational Trails funds will be used to construct trailhead facilities, signage and a fence for Wyatt Jeffries Woods of Green County. 

Cemetery preservation funds will be used to clean up the cemetery; build and pave a cemetery roadway; research both marked and unmarked graves; clean tombstones and provide signage.  The Bethlehem Cemetery is approximately three acres and contains about 300 gravesites. The cemetery is over 77 years old.  

Representative James Comer said this cemetery preservation project is an ambitious one. “The Greensburg community has shown their dedication to this project by raising the matching funds necessary to renovate this cemetery. It speaks volumes that people in this community have made this commitment, through their hard work and the number of donations. I have no doubt that this cemetery will continue to improve and be an important part of the fabric of this community.” 

 The Recreational Trails Program is funded through the Federal Highway Administration and may be used to acquire land for recreational trails and to develop and renovate trails for both motorized and non-motorized use.  Recreational Trails funding is administered by the Governor’s Office for Local Development. 

The Kentucky Cemetery Preservation program funds maintenance, preservation and restoration activities. 

Examples of maintenance activities include initial cleanup and landscaping, purchasing equipment, fencing, signage and improving interior roads. Preservation and restoration activities include acquiring conservation easements, surveying boundaries and repairing and cleaning tombstones. 

Other activities that are eligible for funding are historic research, archiving, training to support cemetery preservation and improving access roads. 

Counties may establish five-member county cemetery boards to apply for grants. State agencies, local governments, and certain nonprofit organizations – cemeteries, historical and genealogical groups, and local civic groups – also may apply. However, applications from county boards will receive funding priority. 

The maximum grant that a group can receive is $25,000 and the minimum grant is $1,000, and a one-to-one local match is required. 

A five-member state board oversees the program and makes funding decisions. The state board is comprised of representatives from the Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC), the Kentucky Historical Society, the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) and the Kentucky African-American Heritage Commission and chaired by the Commissioner of GOLD.