Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communication Office
Percentage of minorities, women in Kentucky state government continues to rise

Press Release Date:  Friday, November 04, 2005  
Contact Information:  Brett Hall
Michael Goins
Jodi Whitaker

Lori Aragon

Personnel Cabinet releases latest report

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Personnel Cabinet Secretary Erwin Roberts announced today that the percentage of minorities and women in state government continues to increase, according to the most recent Semi-Annual Report on Female and Minority Employment released today by the Personnel Cabinet. 

Secretary Roberts said the latest numbers show some positive gains in female and minority employment. 

“While minority hiring is at an all-time high, there are still opportunities for growth,” said Roberts.   “The report shows our administration is slowly reaching its goal.  We know it’s going to take time but we are committed to building a more diversified work place in order to best represent all people, regardless of their race or gender.” 

The state now employs 8.63 percent minorities, the highest percentage in a decade.  During the last semi-annual reporting period (July 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004), the state employed 8.3 percent minorities, which equals an increase of .33 percent over the prior six-month period.  The percentage of females in state government is 49.8 percent, an increase of .05 percent over the last six months.   

Effective July 1, 2004 Governor Ernie Fletcher raised the targeted hiring goal for minority employment from 7.51 percent to 10 percent based on the 2000 census data for Kentucky.  This is the first time in more than six years that the minority hiring goal had been changed.  The goal for female employment remained at 52.42 percent.  

In order to improve the coordination of human resource services for state agencies, the Office of Human Resource Planning and Diversity Initiatives was created.  This new office will be responsible for diversity initiatives and work force planning. 

Two cabinets exceeded the goals for minority and female employment.  They were the cabinets for Health and Family Services and Personnel. 

To view the latest Web-published Semi-Annual Report on Minority Hiring from January 1, 2005, through June 30, 2005, visit the Personnel Cabinet’s Web site at .