Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communication Office
Governor Fletcher asks federal government to declare state of emergency in Kentucky

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
Contact Information:  Carla Blanton
Michael Goins
Jodi Whitaker

More than $15 million in clothing and supplies shipped to Gulf Coast

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher has asked President George Bush to declare a federal state of emergency in Kentucky because of the continuing devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.  Governor Fletcher has already declared a local state of emergency through executive order, which called on the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management and Department of Military Affairs to execute the Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan.

“I have determined that this incident is of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the Commonwealth and the affected local governments, “ Governor Fletcher wrote in his letter sent to President Bush and FEMA yesterday.  “Supplementary Federal assistance is necessary to save lives, protect property, public health and safety.”

Governor Fletcher made the request with the federal government because of concerns over the next two to three months with short-term issues related to sheltering evacuees and licensing issues with the possibility of bringing in medical staff from other states, and long-term issues with housing, medical care and education.

“This sudden increase in population has caused, and will continue to put a strain on state resources and local community services as well,” Governor Fletcher wrote.

In addition, the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs has shipped out more than $15 million in clothing and supplies to affected areas in the Gulf Coast since August 31.  It includes $559,000 worth of hydration packs and a portable landing light set, worth $30,000.  The Department of Military Affairs and Division of Emergency Management are also in the process of purchasing $150,000 of miscellaneous items, including gloves, cots and sundry packs.