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First Lady Glenna Fletcher Testifies in Support of “Read to Achieve” Bill in Committee
Press Release Date:  January 31, 2005

Dottie Jean Persinger


Senator Kelly introduced Senate Bill 19 in committee today

Frankfort, KY:   First Lady Glenna Fletcher testified in support of Senate Bill 19, “Read to Achieve,” which was introduced by Senator Dan Kelly in the Education Committee today where it received a full hearing. The proposed legislation creates the framework that will enable all students to read at grade level by the end of the primary program. 

Mrs. Fletcher testified that if we can identify these struggling readers when they first enter school, we can intervene with proven, research-based strategies and put them on the road to lifelong learning.

“My husband and I believe that our children’s future is in our hands; it is one of our greatest responsibilities,” Mrs. Fletcher stated before the committee. “And I believe that if we get the reading right, the rest will fall into place. That is why I am here to add my personal endorsement for Senate Bill 19.

The “Read to Achieve Act of 2005”:

  • Provides for a comprehensive school wide reading program in each elementary school.
  • Provides diagnostic reading assessments and intervention services for struggling students in Kentucky’s elementary schools.
  • Ensures quality instruction by highly trained teachers.
  • Continues the “Collaborative Center for Literacy Development:  Early Childhood through Adulthood.”
  • Creates a reading diagnostic and intervention fund to provide renewable two-year grants to assist schools in helping struggling readers.
  • Creates the Reading Diagnostic and Intervention Grant Steering Committee.

Senate Bill 19 builds on legislation sponsored by Senator Kelly in 1998 which established grants to support teachers in the implementation of research-based reading models to help struggling readers.  To date, one-third of Kentucky’s elementary schools have used the program.

As First Lady, promoting literacy programs is one of Mrs. Fletcher’s top priorities and passions.



Last updated: Tuesday, February 01, 2005