Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General Greg Stumbo Announces Former Marshall County Jailer Sentenced For Manufacturing Methamphetamine

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, September 04, 2007  
Contact Information:  Corey Bellamy, 502-696-5643 Office  

Attorney General Greg Stumbo announced today that former Marshall County jailer Danny Sholar and two other defendants were sentenced for methamphetamine related offenses.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Thom Marshall and Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Prather, with the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Division.

While executing a search warrant on November 13, 2006, at Sholar’s residence, Marshall County Sheriff's deputies observed Dwayne Childress, a convicted felon, and Rhoda Bunch return to a camper parked on the Sholar property at 726 Beal Road, in Hardin, Kentucky.

Deputies also had an arrest warrant for Childress. While serving the warrant on Childress, officers observed items associated with manufacturing methamphetamine in the camper and sought and obtained a search warrant for the camper. The subsequent search of the camper yielded methamphetamine, evidence of manufacturing the substance, and drug paraphernalia.

“Drugs have reached deep into the lives of many Kentuckians, as this case demonstrates,” said Stumbo. “Meth destroys whole communities, and we must eliminate this threat whenever we find it.”

Danny Sholar was sentenced for Manufacturing Methamphetamine (Class B Felony) - ten years to serve; Possession of Methamphetamine, firearm enhanced (Class C Felony) - ten years to serve, concurrent. The defendant has agreed to forfeit the firearms seized from him at the time of his arrest to the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

Dwayne Childress was sentenced for Manufacturing Methamphetamine (Class B Felony) - ten years to serve; Possession of Methamphetamine (Class D Felony) - three years to serve, concurrent; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Second Offense (Class D Felony) - one year to serve, concurrent.

Rhoda Bunch was sentenced for Possession of Methamphetamine (Class D Felony) - five years to serve. Ms. Bunch entered a conditional plea and will appeal the denial of her motion to suppress evidence.

Danny Sholar
Danny Sholar, 50

Dwayne Childress
Dwayne Childress, 40

Rhoda Bunch
Rhoda Bunch, 49