Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General Stumbo Announces Agreement with Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Inc. Saving Consumers in Excess of $1 Million

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, August 08, 2007  
Contact Information:  Corey Bellamy, 502-696-5643 Office  

Attorney General Greg Stumbo today filed an agreement with the Kentucky Office of Insurance in which Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Inc., d/b/a Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will provide credits or refunds to approximately 59,000 policyholders under an individual health insurance plan. Based on calculations done by Stumbo’s insurance actuary, the total amount involved is in excess of $1 million.

Attorney General Stumbo’s office sought relief for consumers after questioning Anthem’s administrative expenses under the insurance plan. Ultimately, through negotiations with Anthem, the administrative costs were lowered. “I am glad that Anthem has demonstrated its willingness to work with my office in an effort to reduce the cost that Kentuckians have to pay for health insurance,” said Stumbo. “People are stretching their budgets to pay insurance premiums and maintain coverage, so any reduction helps. My Office of Rate Intervention, headed by Dennis Howard, has served the people well.”

Since the Attorney General’s Office became involved in 1996 in reviewing health insurance applications, the office has saved over $54 million for policyholders. “My office is not just the chief law enforcer of the Commonwealth, but the primary advocate for consumer’s rights. Nothing is more important than guarding the people’s right to fairly priced insurance coverage,” explained Stumbo.