Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General Greg Stumbo: The Governor Has Had Ample Time to Appoint…State Workers’ Appeals Needlessly Delayed by Fletcher

Press Release Date:  Friday, September 15, 2006  
Contact Information:  Vicki Glass, 502-696-5643 Office  

Attorney General Greg Stumbo today expressed regret that the Kentucky Personnel Board has been forced to cancel it’s September 15, 2006 regular meeting due to inaction on the part of Governor Fletcher in selecting a board member from a list of highly qualified nominees.

On September 5, 2006, Attorney General Stumbo sent to the Governor the first three nominations for appointment to the Personnel Board.  “This ensures plenty of time to select a board member before the next scheduled board meeting on September 15th,” the Attorney General announced at the time. “A replacement needs to be named by the next meeting or there will not be a required quorum of members to make important judgments on state worker grievances,” he continued.

In a memorandum to Cabinet Secretaries and Agency Heads sent yesterday from Mark Sipek, Executive Director of the Kentucky Personnel Board, he stated that the September 15, 2006 meeting had to be “canceled due to a lack of a quorum of members.”

“It is regrettable that the Governor has been slow to act in naming a replacement to the Personnel Board,” said Stumbo today. “He has had ample time to appoint a new member from the list of highly qualified individuals sent to him. Our goal was to bring fairness and diversity to the Board, as well as uninterrupted service to ensure state worker hearings are not delayed.”

As part of the Agreed Order resolving the merit hiring investigation, the four members of the Personnel Board who were appointed by the Governor resigned their positions.  It was agreed that Attorney General Stumbo would submit to the Governor a list of three names for each vacancy created.

The nominees submitted by Stumbo on September 5th were:

  • Margaret Daniel – Following a commendable career in personnel administration with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Ms. Daniel has continued to mentor public spirited students.  She was instrumental in reinvigorating the Co-op/Intern program to provide a talented applicant pool for government service. Ms. Daniel is a registered Democrat.
  • Lt. Richard A. Pearson – A member of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, Lt. Pearson is a former United States Marine who has a distinguished record of service to his country. Lt. Pearson is a registered Republican.
  • Betty Gibson – Retired from a highly regarded career in education, Mrs. Gibson was Vice President for Student Affairs at Kentucky State University and has a lengthy record of public service with diverse boards and agencies.  Ms. Gibson is a registered Democrat.

The nominations submitted to the Governor two weeks ago are for the vacated position of E. Patrick Moores whose term expires January 1, 2010.  Under the terms of the Agreed Order, the Governor must make an appointment within 30 days of the Attorney General’s submission of a list of nominees.

“It’s unfortunate that Governor Fletcher’s actions, or lack of action in this case, have once again made apparent that state worker’s rights are not a top priority,” said Stumbo.