Secretary of State
New Voter Registration Record Set

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, May 09, 2012  
Contact Information:  Lynn Sowards Zellen
Director of Communications
Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes
(502) 330-9839

More Kentuckians than ever will appear on the voter rolls in the May 22nd Primary Election, announces Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. The total number of registered voters – 2,980,009 – beats the previous record of 2,944,603, set during the 2011 General Election, by more than 35,000 voters. There has been an increase of more than 100,000 registered voters since the last Presidential Preference Primary, in 2008, at which time 2,857,231 citizens were registered.

The total number of registered voters has increased by 35,406, or 1.20%, since the 2011 General Election. In comparison, voter registration figures increased by a net of 32,062, or 1.11%, from the 2010 General Election to the 2011 Primary. Leading up to the 2008 Primary, registration totals increased by 16,333 voters, or 0.58%.

Grimes, the Commonwealth’s Chief Election Official, said, “I am excited to see that so many Kentuckians are exercising the right and fulfilling the responsibility to vote. I hope the increase in registration translates to greater turnout on Election Day.”

Each of the political parties has seen an increase in registered voters since the November 2011 General Election. Democrats have grown their ranks by 0.48%, or 7,922 voters, from 1,639,005 to 1,646,927. Republicans have added 21,517 voters, growing 1.95% from 1,100,930 to 1,122,447. “Other” has increased by 5,967 voters, or 2.92%, from 204,668 to 210,635.

Consistent with recent years, the electorate is comprised of approximately 53% women and 47% men.  Democrats now make up 55.27% of Kentucky voters, and 37.67% are Republicans. 7.07% of voters are identified as “Other.” For Democrats, the figures represent a decrease in percentage of voters since November 2011, with a change of -0.39%; Republicans and “Other” increased their relative representation by 0.28% and 0.12%, respectively. 

Since the 2008 Primary Election, there has been a net increase of 122,778 total voters, or 4.30%. There are 17,082 more Democrats, for an increase of 1.05%; 82,009 more Republicans, for an increase of 7.88%; and 23,687 more “Other” voters, for an increase of 12.67%. Since May of 2008, the percentage of the electorate represented by each group has shifted -1.77% for Democrats, 1.26% for Republicans, and 0.53% for “Other.”

Grimes stressed the importance of following through with the next step: voting. “I am proud that Kentuckians have answered the call to register as voters, but now that the registration books are closed, I urge every eligible person to vote in the May 22 Primary.” You can download or listen to Grimes’ public service announcement encouraging voters to turn out for the election at

Voters may access the Voter Information Center (VIC) on the State Board of Elections’ website to confirm their voter registration status, determine whether they are eligible to vote in the Primary, and locate their polling place. For complete registration statistics, additional election information, or to access the VIC, visit 

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