Secretary of State
Secretary Walker speaks on improving government efficiency and services

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, April 19, 2011  
Contact Information:  Lindsay B. Zoeller
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Secretary of State Elaine Walker
Office: 502-782-7404
Cell: 502-220-3401

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Secretary of State Elaine N. Walker took part in today’s government digital summit, speaking on the importance of enhancing constituent services and improving government efficiency through increased use of information technology.  Secretary Walker participated in today’s conference, which brings together information technology personnel from across state government, to speak about the Secretary of State’s office use of information technology and the development of a full Business One Stop.

“We can bring government agencies together to create a smarter, leaner, and more responsive government through increased use of information technology,” stated Walker during her remarks at the conference.  Secretary Walker added, “we have a responsibility to the Commonwealth that binds us.  The increased use of technology must not be a secondary concern.  Rather, it is our proper use of technology that increasingly binds us all as we tackle challenges and craft solutions.”

During the legislative session, Secretary Walker worked actively with Democrats and Republicans to ensure the passage of Senate Bill 8, legislation that will create a Business One Stop. A completed Business One Stop will tie multiple state agencies’ business services together into a single, easy to use online portal and allow businesses to conduct their activities online at one location.  The elimination of duplicative paperwork and processes will save both businesses and the Commonwealth resources, reduce fraud, incorrect paperwork and help spur economic growth and job creation.

Earlier this year, Secretary Walker announced the completion of the third phase of Business FastTrack filings in the Secretary of State’s office.  Business FastTrack allows most Kentucky businesses to file their paperwork in a quick and easy to use online system.  An average of 28,737 new businesses file with the Secretary of State’s office each year.  The completion of Fast Track Business Filing is expected to save both taxpayers and businesses time and money by making the office more accessible and efficient.  Additionally, the Secretary of State’s office offers other online services such as filing annual reports, previewing ballots and online records searches.

Annually, the Kentucky Digital Summit brings leaders together from across the Commonwealth to share ideas and generate solutions to IT challenges facing state government.  The event aims to improve the use of information technology and be a forum for collaboration on technology solutions.