Secretary of State
Secretary Walker announces complete implementation of Fast Track Business Filings

Press Release Date:  Thursday, March 31, 2011  
Contact Information:  Lindsay B. Zoeller
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Secretary of State Elaine Walker
Office: 502-782-7404
Cell: 502-220-3401

Frankfort, KY -- Secretary of State Elaine Walker announced the complete implementation of Fast Track Business Filings in the Secretary of State’s office.  The Fast Track Business Filings service streamlines the process for businesses to register with the Commonwealth.

“As a small business owner and former mayor focused on job creation, I have a unique appreciation for the difficulties of starting a small business.  I am dedicated to working with business owners to increase the efficiency of their dealings with state government.  Building on the framework established by successive former Secretaries of State, my office continues toward our ultimate goal, the implementation of a seamless Business One Stop,” said Secretary Walker.

“Working with Governor Beshear’s administration, we will make the possibility of One Stop a reality while spurring Kentucky’s entrepreneurial spirit.  Now it is possible for most businesses to file their paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office quickly and easily online.  The completion of our online filing system speeds job creation, and is critical for implementing a full Business One Stop”, stated Walker.

An average of 28,737 new businesses file with the Secretary of State’s office each year.  The completion of Fast Track Business Filing is expected to save both taxpayers and businesses time and money by making the office more accessible and efficient.

A complete Business One Stop had been a dream of successive secretaries of state beginning with former Secretary Bob Babbage.  Later, Secretary John Y. Brown, III implemented the first comprehensive reference and form library.  Adding real-time new business registration, former Secretary Grayson initiated the Fast Track filing system.  Since taking office, Secretary Walker directed the development of the final phase of production.  Moreover, she actively worked with Democrats and Republicans to ensure Fast Track was the first component of a successful and completed Business One Stop tying multiple state agency business services together into a single, easy to use online portal.