Kentucky State Treasury Newsroom
Treasurer Hollenbach Meets with Boys and Girls State Treasurers

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, June 16, 2015  
Contact Information:  Mark Pfeiffer 502-564-8860
Bethany E. Goad 502-564-8821

Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach welcomed Omar H. Abul-Khoudoud of Russell, Kentucky and  Caitlin Hertzendorf of  Fort Campbell, Kentucky for a personal tour of Kentucky State Treasury.  Both students were elected as State Treasurer within the annual American Legion Kentucky Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Kentucky Girls State Programs. Kentucky Boys State, in its 75th year, and Kentucky Girls State, in its 69th year, provide high school students education about city and state government by allowing participants to be involved in simulated political parties, campaigns, elections and appointments.
“It’s a real hands-on experience for these young people.  They have the opportunity to practice and gain insight into how government and the political process work.  They hold elections, write and pass bills, and debate real issues facing Kentucky and the United States.”  Treasurer Hollenbach said. “This participation is invaluable to these young people.  The program takes exemplary students, like Caitlin and Omar, and it cultivates their interest in how our commonwealth and country work.  Many graduates of these two programs go on to become real life representatives in government and leaders within our community.  Neil Armstrong, Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley and President Bill Clinton all participated in this program.  I have no question of the great value and importance of it.”
Treasurer Hollenbach talked with the students, discussing what their goals are for their education and careers.  After visiting his office, the two were taken for a behind-the-scenes look at what Kentucky State Treasury does and how it operates.  The students had the opportunity to ask questions of each division.  They learned how checks are printed and the volume of checks for which Kentucky Treasury is responsible.  They visited the Deposit Room and discovered the technological updates that have taken place in just the past few years in making deposits more efficient and cost effective.  And they spent time in the Kentucky vault learning about how Kentucky State Treasury comes into possession of unclaimed property and the great efforts that are made to return that property to the rightful owners. 
“These were two bright, young people, with excellent questions and excellent futures.” Treasurer Hollenbach added.  “I have a deep respect for the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary for their hard work in bringing about the leaders of tomorrow.  They truly hold our future in their hands.”