Kentucky State Treasury Newsroom
Treasurer Puts Veterans First!

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, November 11, 2015  
Contact Information:  Mark Pfeiffer 502-564-8860  

Frankfort, KY (November, 2015) – Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is putting veterans and active military at the head of the line for processing claims for lost or abandoned property.  
“Starting on Veterans Day this year” Hollenbach said, “the unclaimed property division of the Treasury will create new claim forms with a check box that reads, ‘check if you have military service’.  When the checked form is returned,” Hollenbach added, “that veteran or active military will be given priority for getting his or her claim processed!”

Commissioner Heather French Henry of the Kentucky Division of Veterans Affairs said her office will help with promotional and education support for the new forms, “We’re proud to join with Treasurer Hollenbach in putting veterans first!” Commissioner Henry said.  “We’ll get the word out to all of Kentucky’s veterans!”

This latest effort by Hollenbach is one of several he initiated during his term as Treasurer to help veterans find and receive their unclaimed property.   Early on Hollenbach returned medals, memorabilia and other military honors from the Treasury’s unclaimed property vault. "Our vault in Frankfort contains over 350 unclaimed military items. Among them a bronze star, seven navy medals, two purple hearts, numerous battle ribbons and campaign pins, dog tags and dozens of military discharge papers including one from the Civil War!” Hollenbach said.  “We owe it to our military service members to go the extra mile to return these items.  Their stories deserve to be told, and their memories need to be preserved." Hollenbach also added a list of the names of the owners of military items on the front page of the State Treasury website at

If you’re a veteran or active military service member searching for some lost property, all you need to do is visit and file a claim on line or you can go to and look for the Military Items listing.

The State Treasurer serves as custodian of all property surrendered to the state that is presumed lost or abandoned.  Each year, the Kentucky Treasury returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Kentucky residents.  Since 2008, under the proactive leadership of Treasurer Todd Hollenbach and his Treasure Finder’s Program, the Treasury has returned a record $ 135-million in unclaimed property.