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KENTUCKY’S ROADSIDES ARE LOOKING GOOD! - Motorists can see a variety of wildflowers now through the fall

Press Release Date:  Friday, May 26, 2006  
Contact Information:  Doug Hogan
Selena Curry
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Office of Public Affairs
(502) 564-3419

Frankfort, KY – (May 26, 2006) – Motorists traveling Kentucky’s interstates, parkways and other major routes will enjoy the scenery now through the fall as the wildflowers begin to bloom. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is working to improve the appearance of the state’s roadsides by planting seeds for a variety of wildflowers.

“This wildflower program adds an extra touch to the natural beauty of Kentucky’s highway roadsides,” said Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert. “Keeping our roads looking good is crucial to the Commonwealth’s flourishing tourism industry.”

Wildflower plots can be found at these sites:
-Purchase Parkway at milepoint (MP) 2.0
-I-24 at MP 8.0, exit 27, MP 30.5, exit 65, and welcome center at MP 7
-Western Kentucky Parkway at MP 44.3, MP 76, MPs 132-134
-US 60/US 41 intersection in Henderson
-I-65 at the Simpson County welcome center; the I-65/William H. Natcher Parkway interchange; the I-65/Cumberland Parkway interchange; the I-65/Bluegrass Parkway interchange; and I-65 at exit 26, MP 95, and MP 102
-I-64 at MPs 0.5, 72, 83, 181, 160.5, and 118
-KY 841 at MP 0 in Louisville
-I-265/Smyrna Road at MP 13.54 and the I-265/US 42 interchange
-I-71 at MPs 25 and 43
-The I-75 rest area at MP 176.45; the I-75/Ironworks Pike interchange; I-75 at MPs 133 and 73.8; and the I-75 welcome center near the Tennessee state line
-The I-275/KY 20 interchange and the I-275/I-471 interchange
-US 62 at MP 18 in Mason County
-Mountain Parkway at exit 43 and MP 23
-KY 80 at the Perry/Knott County line
-Hal Rogers Parkway at MP 20
-The US 23/US 460 intersection in Pike County
-The US 23/KY 114 intersection in Floyd County

A number of wildflower species have been planted. While some are currently in bloom, others will blossom in the summer and the fall. Below is a schedule of the different types of species and when they are in full bloom:
•New England Aster – Fall
•Black-Eyed Susan – Summer
•Indian Blanket – Summer
•Plains Coreopsis – Summer-Fall
•Lance/leaved Coreopsis – Summer-Fall
•Gloriosa Daisy – Summer-Fall
•California Poppy – Spring-Summer
•Cornflower – Spring-Summer
•Annual Sunflower – Summer
•Purple Coneflower – Summer

“Kentucky’s highways are not just a reflection on the Highway Department, they are a reflection on the entire state and we want to do our best to make them look as good as we can,” said Marc Williams, Commissioner of Highways.

The wildflower program is only a small part of the cabinet’s efforts to enhance the look of the roadsides. Mowing, litter removal, sign clearing, fertilization, noxious weed control and brush removal are all important steps in roadside beautification. Wildflower seeding along the interstates is funded with federal enhancement dollars.

Attached are photos of wildflower sites throughout west and west-central Kentucky.



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