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Joint Board for Ohio River Bridges Project names Parsons as interim tolling system adviser, oversight contractor

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, June 09, 2015  
Contact Information:  Chuck Wolfe, KYTC
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Contract with eTrans KY Inc. to be canceled


JEFFERSONVILLE, Indiana (June 9, 2015) – The Kentucky-Indiana Joint Board for the Ohio River Bridges Project today appointed Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. as interim toll services advisor.


The interim toll advisor will oversee the work of a toll system integrator and toll operator on behalf of the Joint Board and the states’ parties.


The new advisor will replace eTrans KY Inc. A resolution by the Joint Board notes that eTrans’ performance “has not met with the expectations of the Joint Board.”


Cancellation of the eTrans contract does not affect the contract of the company hired to build, manage and maintain the bridges project’s tolling system, Virginia-based Kapsch TrafficCom, nor is it expected to impact the overall project schedule.


Kentucky and Indiana jointly are building the bridges project to improve cross-river mobility between Louisville and Southern Indiana. The project calls for building two bridges – one connecting  downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana, running beside the Interstate-65 Kennedy Memorial Bridge, and another bridge eight miles upriver, connecting Prospect, Kentucky, and Utica, Indiana.


Once the project is completed, the two new bridges and a renovated Kennedy Memorial Bridge will feature an all-electronic toll collection system – meaning no toll plazas, no slowing of traffic and no waiting in line.


The Joint Board was created to facilitate the financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the bridges project. It consists of transportation and finance officials from both states – Kentucky Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock, Indiana Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Jim Stark, Kentucky Finance Secretary Lori Flanery and Lori Dunlap, director of Capital Projects and Planning for the Indiana Finance Authority.


At the meeting today, Secretary Flanery was represented by Ryan Barrow, executive director, Kentucky Office of Financial Management, and the Indiana Finance Authority was represented by Jim McGoff, General Counsel.


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