Department of Highways, District 7
Motorists Reminded to “Move It”

Press Release Date:  Monday, August 13, 2007  
Contact Information:  David B. Thacker
Public Information Officer
District Seven

Motorists Reminded to “Move It”
Quick Clearance Signs Installed Across Commonwealth   

Lexington, Ky. (August 13, 2007) – Motorists along Kentucky’s interstates and parkways will soon be reminded to “move it” over to the emergency lane if they are involved in a minor fender bender. House Bill 272, known as the Quick Clearance Bill, was passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Ernie Fletcher last year.  It requires motorists to move damaged vehicles out of the traffic lanes of the interstate or parkway following an accident as long as there are no injuries and the vehicles are able to be moved.

Secretary of Transportation Bill Nighbert says that while the well-being of those involved in a traffic crash is everyone’s primary concern, vehicles can quickly be moved in non-injury crashes and that improves safety for other drivers on the freeway. “By quickly moving vehicles from the traffic lanes traffic backups are reduced which decreases the possibility of a secondary crash.  Nationwide, secondary crashes make up 20 percent of all accidents.  They usually occur because of traffic backups which can be caused by non-injury wrecks.  This measure will save lives, reduce congestion, improve travel and save time and money.” 

The quick clearance bill was one of three historic highway safety measures signed into law last year. The term “Quick Clearance” is defined as the practice of rapidly and safely removing temporary obstructions from the roadway.

State Rep. Steve Riggs (D-Louisville) was one of the bill’s sponsors. “The new signs will assist with informing the public about the new law that essentially could save their life or prevent more vehicle crashes.  It should also reduce traffic back-ups and congestion that gather around these very minor fender-benders that tend to clog the roadways.”

Eighty-five signs will soon be placed along parkways and interstates to inform travelers of the law.

 Locations of signs to be installed in Highway District Seven are as follows:

·        I-75 Madison County:  Milepoints 81.9 Northbound & 84.6 Southbound

·        I-75 Scott County:  Milepoints 123.5 Northbound & 125.8 Southbound

·        I-64 Montgomery County:  Milepoints 100.00 Eastbound & 118.00 Westbound

·        I-64 Fayette County:  Milepoint 71.00 Westbound

·        M. L. Collins – Bluegrass Parkway Woodford County:  Milepoint 69.00 Westbound

·        B. T. Combs – Mountain Parkway Clark County:  Milepoint 4.00 Eastbound