Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Receives High Marks for Reducing the Number Overweight Coal Trucks

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, September 28, 2005  
Contact Information:  Bobby Clue
Information Officer

KVE Commissioner Greg Howard speaking at an Eastern Kentucky press conference dealing with increased compliance by coal trucks.Paintsville, KY - Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence and Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement (KVE) Commissioner Greg Howard held a press conference today to highlight the dramatic improvements in overweight coal trucks in Eastern Kentucky over the past year.

“The role of the Justice Cabinet is not to write the laws, but to enforce them,” said Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence. “There has been a dramatic increase in the number of coal trucks that are now in compliance on our roads and there is no doubt that coal trucks in compliance save lives.”

Data collected by Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement on commercial vehicles involved in collisions for the year period ending May 31, 2004 to the same period ending May 31, 2005, shows major improvement in overweight trucks. In April 2004, KVE officers weighed 340 trucks and issued 262 overweight citations, which means 77.1% of the trucks weighed were overweight. Compare that to a recent three day enforcement effort in April 2005 when only 44 trucks out of 1167, just 3.8%, were overweight.

The first 18 months of the Fletcher/Pence Administration have shown major improvements in weight limit enforcement. Fatal injuries have been reduced by 17 people and commercial vehicle compliance has improved by 95%.

“The number of overweight trucks has been drastically reduced in eastern Kentucky since the crackdown began based on the number of violations officers are seeing” said KVE Commissioner, Greg Howard. "At one time, if we weighed 100 trucks, 99 would be overweight," he said. "Now if we weigh 100 trucks, we might find 10 that are overweight."