Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Achieves Better Communication Systems With Kentucky State Police System

Press Release Date:  Monday, April 04, 2005  
Contact Information:  Bobby Clue
Information Officer

Two-way radio communications for the Kentucky Department of Vehicle Enforcement (KVE) have moved into the 21st century. The agency is replacing its current 1950's two- way radio system (originally installed in the 1950s) by utilizing the Kentucky State Police (KSP) statewide system.

"Lack of coverage and increased maintenance issues created major problems with our old system," said Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence, secretary of Justice and Public Safety. "Updating KVE communication systems was not only a matter of efficiency; it was a matter of officer and public safety."

In July of 2002, the KSP began using its powerful new public safety tool -- a fully operational statewide Motorola ASTRO(R) Project 25 UHF digital conventional two-way radio communications system. Instead of building its own system, Lt. Governor Pence and Commissioner Greg Howard developed a plan to partner with the Kentucky State Police.

"Joining the statewide system has been a success for Kentucky and the protection of our officers," said Lt. Glynn Powers, Dept. of Vehicle Enforcement. "It is a morale and confidence builder to know that if a situation develops, this system will perform."
The system includes more than 200 of the Spectra P25 Mobile and XTS5000 P25 Portable two-way radios, a Vehicle Repeater System, and 17 Spectra P25 control stations located at each weigh station. Additionally, the Elite Dispatch Console System located at the Transportation Emergency Operating Center has been upgraded to accommodate the new system.

"The benefits of merging with the existing KSP system are tremendous," said Greg Howard, commissioner, Department of Vehicle Enforcement. "We get quality coverage throughout the entire state, the latest and greatest technology, and a system that gives us interoperability with the state's leading law enforcement agency as well as local public safety."