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Preparing for Retirement?

Press Release Date:  Friday, February 13, 2015  
Contact Information:  Kentucky Retirement Systems
Questions call: 1-800-928-4646

Are you ready to retire? If so, here are some tips to ensure a smooth process.

There are a lot of things to consider when retiring.   It’s always a good idea to get a head start.  Here’s what you need to do.

Submit a completed Form 6000, Notification of Retirement, approximately six to eight weeks prior to your intended retirement date.  Please be certain that you complete all Sections A – G.   Make sure you attach a voided check for direct deposit to a checking account.  For direct deposit to a savings account we suggest written verification of the routing number and account number provided by the financial institution.  Your current employer should complete Section H.  The Form 6000 can be downloaded from our website or you can contact our office and request that we mail one to you.  

Verification of date of birth is required for you and your beneficiary.  You can submit copies of your birth certificate or copies of a valid KY driver’s license.  TIP:  Driver’s licenses, and sometimes birth certificates, are not always legible when faxed due to the dark backgrounds.  To ensure that they are legible, it sometimes helps to lighten the copy prior to faxing.  If you have previously submitted copies of your birth certificate or valid KY driver’s license, it is not necessary to submit them again.  

You can submit your Form 6000 by mail and the entire process can be completed without making a trip to the retirement office.  However, if you choose to come to the office to complete your paperwork, you must schedule an appointment and submit a Form 6000 prior to your scheduled appointment.   This ensures that we have adequate time to prepare for your visit.

Upon receipt of the Form 6000, additional paperwork will be prepared and mailed to you.  One of the forms you will receive is the Form 6010, Estimated Retirement Allowance.  This is the form on which you choose your payment option.  Please select only one payment option, sign the form and have your signature witnessed by either your spouse or another individual.  You must return the Form 6010 before the last day of the month prior to your effective retirement date in order to ensure that there is not a delay in receiving your first benefit payment.  

If you are eligible for health insurance, you must also submit a Form 6200, Retiree Health Insurance Application, which will also be included in the packet of additional information that you receive.  Specific information regarding the health insurance plans available to KRS retirees is located on our website.   PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not wish to enroll in the health insurance plans offered by KRS you are still required to return the Form 6200 and indicate that you are choosing to waive coverage.  If you fail to do so you will automatically be enrolled in a default plan. 

If you need help during any of the process please contact our office at 1-800-928-4646.