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Press Release Date:  Friday, January 23, 2015  
Contact Information:  Kentucky Retirement Systems
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Recently, Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) posted on its website a chart showing the maximum management and performance fee rates that KRS pays its individual external investment managers. The information can be accessed at The external investment manager fee chart shows the maximum fee percentage that KRS pays to the individual managers in each investment asset class. The chart also shows the total pension and insurance Assets Under Management (AUM) with each individual manager. In the case of some individual managers, KRS has negotiated management and/or performance fees that are less than the fees shown in the chart. The fees that are less than the maximum are not included in the chart due to confidentiality concerns and contractual arrangements with individual managers. In no case, does KRS pay an investment management fee that is excess of that shown in the chart.

The Kentucky Retirement System Board of Trustees voted at its September 2014 board meeting to produce this information due to numerous inquiries for and widespread interest in the information. Any questions regarding the information should be addressed to William A. Thielen, KRS Executive Director at 502-696-8444 or David Peden, KRS Chief Investment Officer at 502-696-8485.