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Press Release Date:  Tuesday, May 26, 2015  
Contact Information:  Kentucky Retirement Systems
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At the April 16 Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) Board of Trustees, Executive Director, Bill Thielen, announced his intention to retire at the end of calendar year 2015.  Tommy Elliott, KRS Board Chair, indicated that he would appoint an ad hoc Executive Director Search Committee to begin the process of searching for a new KRS Executive Director.  Mr. Elliott subsequently appointed the following KRS Board members to the Executive Director Search Committee:  Joe Hardesty (Chair); Tommy Elliott; Ed Davis; Vince Lang; Mary Helen Peter; and Bill Summers.


The KRS Executive Director Search Committee held its first meeting on May 14 and voted to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an executive director search firm that will conduct a nationwide search for qualified candidates wishing to apply for the executive director position.  The decision to issue an RFP for a search firm was ratified by the full KRS Board of Trustees at its meeting on May 21.  You can find a copy of the Executive Search Firm RFP at this link.


The KRS Executive Director Search Committee members also expressed a desire to solicit opinions from the membership and the public concerning qualities that the KRS Board should look for in a new executive director and the most prominent issues that will face the new executive director.  If you wish to have input into the process, please click on this link.  You will find a brief survey and a comments section where you are free to make comments on the search process, desirable qualities that an executive director should exhibit, and key issues facing KRS.