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Press Release Date:  Thursday, July 16, 2015  
Contact Information:  Kentucky Retirement Systems
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It's easy to get "lost" when it comes to retirement planning.  There are so many questions, considerations, and decisions as you plan for this milestone. 
Consider the following basic questions.  Do you know the answers? 
• When can I retire?
• How are my retirement benefits calculated?
• What about my health insurance?
• What happens to my benefits if something happens to me?
KRS wants to answer these questions and more as we help you get pointed in the right direction!  This summer KRS is offering Pre-Retirement Education Programs (PREP) and will be hosting meetings throughout the Commonwealth.

What is PREP?

It is an all day. comprehensive retirement education program that explains your KRS benefits and will help you make important decisions about your retirement.  Additionally, the PREP program will feature a full demonstration of the Member Self Service website.  The Member Self Service (MSS) site provides access to valuable tools and resources to help you plan for retirement.
   *Do you know you have online access to your retirement account where you can view your service credit, contributions and interest, beneficiary information, and more?
  *Do you know that you can create a personalized retirement estimate or calculate the cost to purchase service credit using real-time data?
The PREP program will also feature information on social security benefits, Kentucky Deferred Compensation, and other KRS updates.

Advance registration is required for the PREP programs.

Because of limited seating, we can not guarantee seating to walk-ins the day of the event, so if you want to bring your spouse, please register them as well!

Check our website for dates and locations. Sessions are filling quickly. Click below to Register!