Department of Fish and Wildlife
Cedar Creek Lake will be lowered in early November to improve sunfish, bass populations

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015  
Contact Information:  Lee McClellan 1-800-858-1549, ext. 4443  

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Fisheries division workers will draw down Lincoln County’s Cedar Creek Lake 5 to 7 feet in early November to improve fishing in the 784-acre lake.

“We want to knock back some of the vegetation and get the sunfish out of the cover and into the mouths of bass,” said John Williams, Southeastern Fisheries District biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “Bluegill away from cover are easier prey for the bass.”

The drawdown will help bluegill populations in Cedar Creek Lake by thinning their ranks through predation; this will reduce competition among the remaining bluegill for food, allowing them to grow bigger. 

Bluegill use the thick vegetation around the lake to hide from predators. Forcing bluegill into the open will help bass populations as well. “Eating the lake’s small bluegill will help the body condition of the largemouth bass in Cedar Creek Lake,” Williams said.

Reducing vegetation in the shallows also will improve bank fishing opportunities. “When these plants die, the nutrients in them will be released back into the water when normal lake levels return next spring,” he said.

The last drawdown of Cedar Creek Lake occurred in 2007. At that time, many visitors noticed a rotten egg smell stemming from the release of hydrogen sulfide from the lake’s bottom. That can be avoided by waiting for colder weather in November.

Boat ramps will be usable during the drawdown.