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Delta Regional Authority, Partners Invest $3 million in Western Kentucky Communities

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, September 22, 2015  
Contact Information:  Terry Sebastian
Jennifer Brislin

DRA Federal Co-Chairman Masingill visits Kentucky to announce projects that will create, retain 227 jobs

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Steve Beshear welcomed Delta Regional Authority (DRA) Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill to Kentucky today to announce $3 million in strategic investments that will improve infrastructure, health care and economic development in western Kentucky. 

The six new investment projects are located in Elkton, Henderson, Hickman, Madisonville and Greenville. The city of Hickman is receiving funding for two projects. The six new investment projects are expected to create and retain 227 jobs in the region.

Gov. Beshear applauded DRA’s investment and affirmed his support for the projects.

“The Delta Regional Authority plays an integral role in supporting projects in our western Kentucky communities that will boost both short-term and long-term economic growth and development,” Gov. Beshear said. “I want to thank Chairman Masingill and the DRA for their commitment to Kentucky and making significant investments that will positively impact the future of our citizens and the entire region.”

“The DRA is excited to announce another year of investing into the people, small businesses and infrastructure that make western Kentucky a great place to live,” Chairman Masingill said. “These investments strategically leverage funding for projects that will help to address the health, training and public service needs of our communities while driving economic development and growing small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

The DRA leveraged $1 million in federal resources to attain the $3 million in public and private investments for the six new projects. The investments are made mostly through the DRA States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), the agency’s main federal funding program that invests in public infrastructure, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and health access projects in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state Delta region. DRA coordinates directly with three Kentucky area development districts in the region for program funding implementation.

“Communities need varied, well-planned investments in order to grow and thrive,” said Department for Local Government Commissioner Tony Wilder.  “These DRA investments are focused on projects that will benefit Kentucky’s infrastructure, economy and workforce – improvements that will have a lasting impact on their communities.  Thank you to the DRA for their continued support of Kentucky business, families and communities.” 

The six DRA investment projects announced today include: 

  1. Todd County Health Department Renovation Project, Elkton: Structural renovations to the health department building to improve services offered and make the facility a premier healthcare, health information, delivery and regulatory agency within Todd County.
    DRA Investment: $100,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $55,500
  2. 911 Center Upgrade Project, Henderson: A regional venture to upgrade and replace the Henderson 911 center’s software, records management system and mobile mapping/fire record system to serve citizens in Crittenden, Henderson and Union counties.
    DRA Investment: $200,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $900,000
  3. HFCRA Crane Replacement Project, Hickman: The Hickman-Fulton County Riverport Authority will replace the 40-year old American 9720 port crane, which was taken out of service in November 2014 after a boom failure accident, to allow barges to once again unload at the port.  The project is expected to create one job and retain 10 jobs.
    DRA Investment: $150,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $808,081
  4. Madisonville Innovation Station, Madisonville: Creation of an innovation and entrepreneurial center that will foster small business growth and provide a culture in which new concepts and ideas will be enhanced — the capstone of an entrepreneurial development program initiated four years ago by the Madisonville-Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation, City of Madisonville and the Hopkins County Fiscal Court.  The project is expected to create or retain 60 jobs and train more than 200 entrepreneurs and business owners.
    DRA Investment: $150,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $258,000
  5. Agriculture Center Lift Station Upgrade, Greenville: Upgrade of the agriculture center’s undersized lift, which includes improvements to the electrical power system, the generator, new larger pumps and minor improvements to the access road and fencing system.  The project is expected to create 16 jobs and retain 135 jobs.
    DRA Investment: $87,223; Leveraged Public Investment: $110,058
  6. Hickman Medical Clinic Reopening, Hickman: Acquisition and renovations to the recently closed Hickman Medical Clinic to prepare for recruitment of new provider to re-open the clinic and bring back much-needed health care services to Fulton County residents. The project is expected to create five jobs. 
    DRA Investment: $337,223; Leveraged Public Investment: $12,777

About the Delta Regional Authority
The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership created by Congress in 2000 to help create jobs, build communities and improve lives through strategic investments in economic development in 252 counties and parishes across eight states. Through the past 13 investment cycles of the DRA’s States Economic Development Assistance Program, DRA investments have leveraged $2.7 billion in other public and private investment into projects that are helping to create and retain 42,000 jobs, train 13,000 for a 21st century workforce, and provide more than 82,000 families access to clean water and sewer services.
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