Governor Steve Beshear's Communications Office
Gov. Beshear’s Statement on Census Data Finding Kentucky’s Uninsured Rate at 8.5 Percent

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, September 16, 2015  
Contact Information:  Terry Sebastian
Jennifer Brislin

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 16, 2015) – “Today’s Census report data showing Kentucky with the biggest drop in the uninsured rate in the country from 2013 to 2014 is more good news for our state and Kentuckians receiving comprehensive, quality health care. This news comes on the heels of the Gallup poll released last month citing Kentucky as a national leader among states experiencing the sharpest decline in the rate of the uninsured.

By expanding Medicaid and establishing a state-based exchange, our newly insured Kentuckians are not waiting until they are sick to access their health care benefits. They are using their coverage to seek recommended preventive health services, such as lifesaving breast and colorectal cancer screenings. Over time, this increased utilization of preventive health services will help improve the overall health of our citizens and our state.

This step toward a healthier Kentucky has a direct link to our economic future because better health, especially for our workforce, has tangible positive impacts – fewer sick days, more production and a higher quality of life for our citizens.

The information from the U.S. Census Bureau is yet another independent, unbiased confirmation that Kentucky is on the path to make transformational changes in the lives and health of our Commonwealth and the hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians who have qualified for health care coverage through kynect since Jan. 1, 2014.”