Governor Steve Beshear's Communications Office
Gov. Beshear Proclaims May ‘Beef Month in Kentucky’

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, April 30, 2013  
Contact Information:  Kerri Richardson
Terry Sebastian

FRANKFORT, KY – As the weather warms, Kentuckians are firing up their grills for tasty burgers and steaks.  Gov. Steve Beshear recognizes this American tradition and is proclaiming May 2013 “Beef Month in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

“I encourage all Kentuckians to support Kentucky’s beef cattle industry and to salute our cattle farmers during the month of May for their contribution to Kentucky’s agricultural and rural economy,” said Gov. Beshear. “The Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund has helped make this industry top-notch, with more than $67 million supporting projects related to the cattle industry in Kentucky since 2001.”

From beef farmers to feed manufacturers, equipment dealers and food marketers, thousands of people play a role in bringing beef from pasture to plate. In fact, beef farmers generated nearly $630 million in cash receipts from the sale of cattle and calves in 2011.

Kentucky has more than 2 million head of cattle on Kentucky farms, and as one of the largest segments of American agriculture, the beef industry ranks in the top five among agricultural commodities in Kentucky.

Beef also plays a key role in a healthy diet. Emerging research continues to support findings that protein, like that enjoyed in lean beef, can help maintain healthy weight, build muscle and gain the energy needed for active lives.

Since there are over 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean, like filet mignon, T-bone, top sirloin and 93 percent lean beef, today’s consumers have plenty of healthy beef options. 

Visit for ways to celebrate beef month or join in a Beef Council promotional event.  For more information on Kentucky’s Beef Industry contact Alison Smith with the Kentucky Beef Council at 859-278-0899 or 859-285-0204.