Office of Energy Policy

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, November 22, 2006  
Contact Information:  Jodi Whitaker

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher will join Kentucky business, utility, governmental, academic, consumer and environmental leaders to discuss an action plan for energy efficiency at the “Utilities and Energy Efficiency: The Fifth Fuel” conference on Tuesday at Lexington’s Radisson Plaza Hotel.


“Our goal is to develop a list of priority items that that will enable us to make more efficient use of energy,” said Governor Fletcher.  “While our state is blessed with abundant coal resources and reasonably-priced electricity, we must continue to find more creative ways to use energy wisely.  The economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency can only be achieved by everyone working together.”


“At Duke Energy, we have come to view energy efficiency as the ‘fifth fuel,’” said James E. Rogers, president and chief executive officer.  “While coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables are our primary supply resources, energy efficiency is critical to securing our energy future and reducing our environmental footprint.  I applaud Governor Fletcher for his active involvement and leadership in energy efficiency.”


The conference is being organized by the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy and Duke Energy.  It will explore initiatives that can be undertaken in Kentucky to address the challenges of increased energy efficiency and consumer awareness. 


The summit will review the “business case” for energy efficiency, including benefits to consumers, the economy, the environment and utilities.  Proposed energy efficiency initiatives for Kentucky will be discussed and priority action items will be identified, involving an array of consumer, environmental, business and utility stakeholders.  It will also focus on new technologies and collaborative efforts to encourage more energy efficiency, as well as the challenges of consumer awareness and motivation.


The summit will use the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, which was released this summer, as a springboard for the development of action in Kentucky.


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