Division of Compliance Assistance
2trg Joins KY EXCEL

Press Release Date:  Friday, March 09, 2012  
Contact Information:  Mary Jo Harrod

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 9, 2012) –– 2trg, located in Louisville, Ky., has joined the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s (DEP) environmental leadership program, KY EXCEL, as a Master member, the program’s highest level. KY EXCEL recognizes public, corporate and private sector organizations that act to improve Kentucky’s diverse and unique environment through environmental leadership.

            2trg is an electronic scrap processor headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in Louisville and Geneva, New York. The company is a processor, rather than just a collector, having invested several million dollars in shredding, demanufacturing and CRT/TV processing equipment to ensure that e-scrap is disposed of properly.

“The Department for Environmental Protection welcomes 2trg to the KY EXCEL program,” said Aaron Keatley, DEP’s deputy commissioner and director of the Division of Compliance Assistance. “The company’s efforts to partner with Kentucky’s citizens and its determination to create a healthier and safer environment through electronics recycling collection events are commendable.”

2trg has the highest level of certifications available in the industry and a no-landfill/no-export policy, as do its downstream providers. As an e-Stewards / ISO 14001 / R2 / OSHAS / ISO18001 certified recycling processor, the company is required to periodically audit its downstream partners in order to ensure that nothing the company takes in ends up in an American landfill or overseas burn village.

“As one of two 2trg owners that reside in Kentucky, I could not be any more excited to have been accepted into this great, environmentally responsible program as a Master Member,” said Stuart Shaffer, chief executive officer. “The purpose and mission of the KY EXCEL program very much mirror that of 2trg as our daily mission and core value statement is ‘Be good stewards of the earth for the benefit of future generations.’ It is with great pride and respect that we work hand in hand with KY EXCEL leaders and members to educate each other, as well as the public, on environmental stewardship.”

The environmental goals chosen by 2trg are to host e-scrap recycling days in Jefferson and Hardin counties and partner with local Girl Scouts, General Electric Corp. in Louisville and North American Stainless and Arkema to host e-scrap events at various Kentucky locations.

Launched by DEP in 2006, KY EXCEL is a voluntary program open to any individual, organization, community or business to improve and protect Kentucky’s environment above and beyond the state’s environmental requirements. To learn more, visit http://dca.ky.gov/kyexcel/or call the Division of Compliance Assistance toll-free at 800-926-8111.