Department of Corrections
WKCC Receives Perfect Audit Score

Press Release Date:  Monday, July 06, 2015  
Contact Information:  Mike Caudill
502-782-2345 (office)
502-229-5638 (cell)

Western Kentucky Correctional Complex (WKCC) in Fredonia received a perfect score on its re-accreditation audit with the American Correctional Association (ACA). This is WKKC’s 10th accreditation audit and most notably the fourth consecutive perfect score.

“This is a well-run facility and you can see that in the interaction with staff and inmates on a daily basis,” said ACA Chairperson Jean Moltz. “The cleanliness was outstanding and this is a safe and secure environment for inmates.”

Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson congratulated the WKCC employees. “I am very proud of the staff at WKCC,” she said. “It takes consistent diligence and hard work to meet the very tough standards that are in place for an ACA audit. It isn’t something that you rush through and prepare for just in time for the three-year audit either – it is an on-going process that takes the hard work of the entire staff on a daily basis.”

WKCC Warden Steve Woodward expressed his pride and admiration for the efforts of his staff to achieve this score.

“It takes a team effort to run a facility and this score reflects this effort,” said Woodward. “I am very proud of my staff for their efforts to make this audit a success.”

ACA audits consist of approximately 530 national standards that cover security, operational and programming aspects of a prison, and require constant monitoring and quality control checks. Each prison is audited by the ACA every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (Program Security Review) every year. Kentucky has been a member of ACA since the early 1980s.