Department of Corrections
Luther Luckett Correctional Complex Receives Near-Perfect Audit Score

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015  
Contact Information:  Mike Caudill
502-782-2345 (office)
502-229-5638 (cell)

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex (LLCC) in LaGrange received a near-perfect audit score on its recent re-accreditation audit with the American Correctional Association (ACA). The prison received a total score of 99.6 percent. LLCC received its initial accreditation in 1982 and this audit marks the 12th accreditation in the history of the institution.

In announcing the scores, ACA audit Chairperson Nancy Dobbs from Arkansas said, “LLCC is a very well-run institution and staff are knowledgeable and professional. The files are well put together and very easy to follow.”

Department of Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson congratulated the LLCC employees. “We’re proud of the recognition of a national agency,” she said. “This outstanding score is an acknowledgement of the excellent work by the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex staff. This isn’t something that you prepare for at the last minute – it requires a lot of hard work on a daily basis to consistently maintain this level of performance.”

“Of 17 years as an auditor and audits completed in over 30 states, this is only the second prison I have seen that had an automotive repair shop where every nut and bolt is accounted for,” said Auditor Ernest Umunna. “That is very impressive and I thank you for that.”

Warden Merv Haddix thanked the audit team for conducting a very thorough and professional audit. He also thanked all staff and congratulated them. “The dedication and commitment of staff at Luther Luckett is second to none,” said Haddix.

ACA accreditation consists of more than 530 national standards that cover security, operational and programming aspects of a prison and require constant monitoring and quality control checks. Each prison is audited by ACA every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (Program Security Review) every year.  Kentucky has been a member of ACA since the early 1980s.